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Click to read our 2023 Newsletter, and learn about the good work POWER continues to do in the community

View our Letter to the Community HERE

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Contact Greg for a FREE home assessment: 
Upon Request, Greg will:

Provide a FREE Home Inspection - By performing a walkthrough energy assessment of your home.

Based on your immediately-visible needs, he will then schedule a FREE Energy Audit with one of our certified Energy Specialist Contractors.

Contact Greg
by email at:
or by phone at: 

Help YOU Save Money – By identifying and navigating available programs to help you save money in the long-run. As a nonprofit, POWER can even help pay some of the costs of your home weatherization needs -- 25-100% based on income & situation! Thus, creating a heathier space for your family to live comfortably without causing a hardship on your budget.

Help you understand what Home Comfort really means by providing basic information about energy efficiency, conservation, and how it all effects the comfort and health of your family's every-day life.

Initiate Communication – Help you identify and communicate with reliable contractors who are certified to service homes within the City of Oberlin.

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