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POWER could save you $1380 or more on home weatherization! Our clients only spend an average of $650 on their home and save around 10-20% on energy bills every year*!

How this works:

  • POWER provides you with a FREE home walk through and audit

  • POWER pays 25-100% of home weatherization costs - An average of $680 per client in 2021

  • POWER helps clients get an average of $800 in rebates per home (2021)

  • You pay an average of $650 to make your home more affordable and more comfortable

  • Studies find that home weatherization saves homeowners an average of  10-20% on energy bills every year*

"I thought financially I could not keep my home because my gas bills were so high... My latest gas bill was ... less than half of what I was paying before, and I have been able to keep my house"

-POWER Client

Call Greg Jones at 440-935-0995 to get started!

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